[Pyra=Energy Mythri=Friendship]

We are all part of nature and to be in nature is very essential for us to lead healthy and joyful lives. Keeping this in view,” The Pyra Mythri Tours and Travels”, are creating an amazing opportunity for everyone to head in the spiritual direction by kindling one’s energies and utilizing the power of magnificent mountains and fantastic forests, and by sharing incredible experiences with others in the journey.

Nature certainly plays a pivotal role in one’s spiritual pursuits. The nature’s exotic places are pure and free from any pollution…especially thought-pollution. It is the only reason why the ancient sages and gods are said to spend a great deal of their lives in forests and mountains like Himalayas. These great sages left their unique energetic impressions consecrating these serene places. One of the best examples is Sri Adi Sankaracharya, who travelled across the country locating sacred nodes, and established temples and organizations[Shakthi Peetas & Jyothirlingas]. These were solely designed for meditational purposes. Hence, a trip to these consecrated spaces at least for 20-30 days a year is a sure way to reconnect spiritually and rejuvenate.

The main objective of Pyra Mythri is to make this experience available in affordable packages, with comfortable stays and enjoyable journeys. Our special attraction is the family bonding experience within the group!!
VEGETARIANISM is our motto, as food builds our bodies and directly influences our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. So, only pure vegetarian food is served throughout the trip.

Our treks to most powerful portals/places like Mahavatar Babaji Caves, Chota Kailas, Pandav kohli, Siddhasram, Kedarnath, Valley of Flowers, Srisailam forests, Araku etc, enhance the spiritual bountiness within the SELF.

Pyra Mythri envisions to let the world get to know the Spiritual splendour and history of India!!!